5 Reasons You Need to Meal Plan

5 Reasons You Need to Meal Plan

How often have you found yourself staring into a full refrigerator with no idea what you’re going to cook?

Ya, us too.

We’ve been there far too many times and have vowed to stop the waste and frustration that comes along with it (a big part of why Easy Weekly Recipes was born!).

Meal planning isn’t just about making your nights more peaceful and efficient. It’s about putting real, healthy and delicious food on the table, while saving you money and creating less waste because no one likes tossing outs tons of food that they spent their hard-earned money on! Plus, you get back time to spend with your loved ones instead of wasting that time to run to the grocery for the 3rd time this week.

Here are our 5 top reasons why you NEED to meal plan every week!

5 Reasons You Need to Meal Plan Every Week

Saves Time

Have you ever gotten to the end of a long day and suddenly realize that you have nothing to cook for dinner?

This happens all the time and results in a quick run to the grocery store where you wander the aisles grabbing random items. Repeat this day after day and you will end up spending a lot of time in the store rather than at home cooking your meal or spending time with your family.

By planning your meals on the weekend and making a big run to the store, you will spend far less or no time at all running to the store for ingredients during the week. Also, walking into the store with a planned list in order of section of the grocery (like produce, meat, spices, etc.) will make your trip far more efficient.

Wastes Less

Going to the store without a plan causes you to put random items into your cart without ensuring that they will make a balanced, tasty meal. While many of the items you choose may be healthy and hearty, not having a plan may let these well intended items go to waste.

Plan your meals to use some of the same ingredients twice or three times. For example, you could make veggie enchiladas with spinach and black beans one night and use the spinach to make a side salad for your roasted chicken the next night!

Saves Money

Without a plan, a lot of random, mismatched, or unhealthy items can make their way into your basket. When you get to the cashier, your ticket adds up quickly and you’re wondering how you bought that much food! OR you didn’t plan and now you’re sitting in the drive thru of McDonald’s, grabbing that quick burrito, or picking up a salad to go. This habit, whether the food of choice was healthy or not, adds up and empties your pockets.

Planning out your meals on the weekend sets you up for success. Going to the store with your plan will keep you focused on only putting what you need into your cart. And, because you plan on using spinach in all of your recipes, you will be able to use it all rather than let it go bad after only one use.

Mixes It Up

How often do you end up in a rut of the same old couple of recipes!? I know I’ve done it. It happens when I don’t make a plan or do any googling.

Allowing yourself the time to plan will also allow you to explore what other options there may be. Changing up the ingredients and flavors keep cooking exciting and adventurous. Knowing that your meals will be different than last week will encourage you to keep up the meal planning.

Helps You Eat Healthier

Dining out, or eating processed foods on a regular basis adds a lot of unnecessary salts, fats and sugars to your diet. Many restaurant portions are way too big and cause you to overindulge.

By planning your meals ahead, you will end up using real ingredients that are fresh and nutritious. Cooking at home allows you to know exactly what went into your meal because you made it!

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