6 Best Apps For Saving Money on Groceries

Best Apps For Saving Money on Groceries

I was going through my credit card bill a few months ago, tallying up the different spending categories and was a little surprised by how much we spent on groceries.

It’s not crazy though. For the most part, we eat most of our meals at home—especially breakfast and lunch. It’s a regular expense—one that comes at least once a week in our household, occasionally twice a week. And, while I know I’d be spending a lot more if we were dining out those meals, I’m all about saving here and there to bring our total costs down.

When we were younger, we’d help my mom with clipping coupons from the paper—it was like a game! Now, we don’t even get a newspaper so that’s out, but thankfully, technology has come to our rescue—again. There are so many great rebate apps out there that can help you lower your total costs and help save you money on groceries each week.

If you start to compare prices between these apps to save money, you’ll quickly see how it can add up to do your grocery shopping and upload pictures of your receipts. It’s such a simple step too!

Here are a few of our favorite free apps!

The best way to use them is to pick the one that you like best. They’re all similar, but have different rewards and different retailers, so take a peek before you pick one.

Before you go shopping, browse through the latest offers to see if there’s anything on your meal plan list that’s also on sale that week! Do your shopping and hold onto your receipt, as most apps require you to have that receipt after the fact. Upload it and start getting paid—super simple!

Now it’s time to pick the best money saving app for you!

Best Apps For Saving Money On Groceries


iBotta works on in-store and online purchases at a number of different retailers like Target, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Thrive Market and many many more—upwards of 300 retailers at the time this post was written! You simply download the app and add offers that interest you. Once you shop, upload an image of your receipt for in-store purchases.

Some stores that have store loyalty cards don’t require a receipt! You can also earn cash back by shopping at their online retailers through their app.

If you are interested in apps that pay cash, this is the one for you! Many other apps offer rewards like gift cards, but iBotta pays you cash which is really great. Payouts are made through PayPal, Venmo or in the form of a gift card (if you want that instead). Pretty easy, huh?!


If you hadn’t heard, Amazon acquired Whole Foods back in 2017 and since then, they’ve been steadily making changes to make their prices more affordable.

The Amazon app is unlike the rest and it only works if you’re shopping at Whole Foods. It’s about as close to the coupon days as you’ll get and if you’re a Whole Foods regular and a Prime member, it’s super handy!

Before you shop, you’ll want to make sure you have the Whole Foods app installed and you’re logged in on your Prime account. Scan the QR code from the “Whole Foods” tab at the top of the app at checkout at any Whole Foods and get savings on all kinds of things.

Items are typically marked throughout the store with blue Prime signs so you know which items are on sale.

Checkout 51

Very similar to iBotta, but Checkout 51 designed solely for grocery shopping. New offers are updated each Thursday to the app. You add your favorites to your list and shop.

When you’re done, upload your receipt and get cash back! You’ll get paid after your account hits $20. You can purchase the items from the offers list at any store—just keep your receipt and upload it!

We were impressed by the offers— $.50-1 back was a common offer—that’ll add up quickly!


If you like the nostalgia of clipping coupons, this is the best digital version. Coupons.com is full of paperless coupons that you can redeem at a huge variety of retailers—and you won’t have to worry about accidentally leaving your coupons at home!

You can use at most stores while you checkout and your savings will happen while you watch, or you can upload your receipt after the fact. If you upload after you shop, you’ll get paid via PayPal and there is no minimum which is pretty awesome!

Fetch Rewards

With Fetch Rewards, you can get savings at your favorite grocery store (because it works at any store). They claim that you’ll find savings EVERY TIME! They make it easy to shop by brand too, which is helpful if you’re in the habit of buying certain brands every week.

Again, take a photo of your receipt to upload it and start earning rewards. Unlike iBotta which pays cash, Fetch Rewards pays out in gift cards to a wide variety of retailers, probably some of your favorite stores. They’ve got everything from Sephora, to Best Buy, to Athleta to charity donation options!

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog isn’t limited to grocery stores, so if you’re doing a lot of shopping in general, you might like this option.

They also have a unique feature called Hog Slots—if you win, you can get free shopping trips, take paid surveys and earn other rewards. Your rewards, called Coins in their app, add up, you can redeem them for gift cards to your favorite brands or cash.

Meal Plans

Okay, technically this isn’t an app, but we had to throw it in there as another amazing way to save money on groceries each week. When you go in with a plan, you’re less likely to buy extra stuff you don’t need. You won’t end up wasting as much either and when you don’t waste ingredients, you save money!

Meal planning can be time-consuming though, which is exactly why we’ve done it for you. Each week we deliver you a grocery list and 3 easy recipes—all you have to do is shop and cook.

Click here to learn more about our meal plan subscription and hit the button below that says “Try Us for Free” and enjoy your first meal plan on us!