About Easy Weekly Recipes

How many times have you asked yourself the question—“what am I going to make for dinner tonight”?!

Too many to count, right?!

Us too!

We (sisters, Blair and Katherine) understand how crazy life can get between work, kids, attempting to have a social life and even some time for ourselves! Dinner is something that happens everyday and can be a constant source of additional stress—and who needs more stress?!

Easy Weekly Recipes was born from our desire to remove stress from our lives so that we could use that time to do more of the things we wanted to do! Like going to the park with our kids, going for a walk with the our dogs, or getting to spend more one on one time with our husbands and really connect.

We believe that dinnertime should be a time to slow down, savor and catch up on life with the people we love. After all, the number one predictor of happiness is spending quality time with those we care about.

It shouldn’t be stressful or frustrating, but for so many of us (ourselves included at one point!) it is a source of constant annoyance and frustration.

We don’t want that for you anymore. And, it no longer has to be like that.

Easy Weekly Recipes is your ticket out of the dinnertime rat-race. Our membership site delivers a grocery list and three easy, healthy recipes to your inbox each week. All you have to do is shop ONCE for the entire week and cook your meals on the night YOU choose.

Yes, it’s that simple.

No more last minute Pinterest searches, no more ordering pizza again because you just can’t think of anything, no more last minute runs to the grocery because you forgot one ingredient (the list is created for you!) and no more opening your fridge to find nothing to cook!

Our recipes are easy, straight-forward and are designed to use up the ingredients you have on hand so that you’re not buying extra stuff or wasting much. Cheers to saving money! And, best of all, it’s totally affordable at just $9 a month (and cheaper if you join us for a year!)

It sounds pretty good, right?! (That’s because it is!)

Take a second, close your eyes, and think of what you would do with more time and less stress each night.

Maybe that extra time means another hour at the park with your kids, a chance to actually have a real conversation with your partner, a chance to squeeze in your favorite workout class, or take the time to read your kids their favorite bed time stories and actually enjoy the time together instead of already mentally being onto the next task.

Or maybe it’s some good ole “me” time—taking a hot bath, going to happy hour with a friend, or even a chance for you to sit alone and do nothing! Who can relate?!

No more running to the grocery store at the last second, or getting annoyed because you’re trying to look up a recipe on Pinterest while your kids are climbing up the bookcase or getting into something they shouldn’t (yes, this has happened to us).

For us, it’s made coming home at the end of a long day so much more peaceful—the biggest question of the night has already been answered, the groceries are in the fridge and we just get to cook! We’re not worrying about what else to add, how long to cook or what side to put with the baked chicken! Just cook, serve and relax.

Imagine dinner as a more peaceful, relaxed time. A time where you get to unwind, relax and enjoy your family. It’s 100% within reach and we can’t wait to see how how it helps you and your family!

We can’t wait to have you join us—click here to get started!