How To Be More Active In Your Daily Life

How To Be More Active In Your Daily Life

One thing we’ve realized is that living a healthy, active lifestyle is key in improving your overall health. It’s not just about getting in an intense workout once or twice a week, but maintaining a steady level of physical activity on a regular basis!

But, plenty of us work at offices and don’t have time to be super active throughout the day, so we’re sharing some hacks that’ll help you improve your health just a little bit at a time!

How To Be More Active In Your Daily Life  

Go for a Morning Walk

One of our favorite ways to start the day is to get outside and go for a brisk walk. If you’ve got a dog, you’ve got the perfect excuse. Make your walk at least 15 minutes long (we know that morning time is precious), but longer if you can squeeze it in—adults should get at least 30 minutes of activity each day, so why not start your day with that and only go up from there!

A quick morning walk can help wake you up as well! It clears your mind and helps start your day on a positive note and will help you make healthier decisions throughout the day.

Walk to Work

Depending on where you work, walk if possible. Or take public transit and walk to get to the bus or train stop. Then walk from the bus or train to your office or place of work.

Bike to Work

If walking is too far, could you bike?! Biking is much more efficient and will get you to work much faster. Plus, a bike ride is a great way to burn calories first thing in the morning. Don’t forget your helmet!

Take the Stairs

Unless you work on a really high floor, opt for the stairs instead of the elevator whenever possible. It’s quick, but helps you stay more active, and makes you feel good knowing your taking a small step to benefit your health. If you work on a high floor, take 2-3 flights by foot, then ride the elevator the rest of the way.

Schedule a Time to Workout

One of the hardest things about implementing a regular exercise routine is making the time to get there. If you schedule your workouts in advance or have an outstanding class or appointment with a trainer each week, it’ll just become part of your routine. Once that habit is established, it’ll make getting to the gym much easier and will definitely aid in keeping you active.

Tidy the House

I’m always amazed at how tired I am after I tidy or deep clean our home. Not only are you getting in extra steps, but I’m often bending down, squatting to pick up toys, moving my arms to fold laundry or push the vacuum or lifting heavy trash bags and walking them to the dumpster.

Don’t underestimate how good it can be for you!

Do a Quick Couch Workout

You could sit on the couch and watch your favorite show, but if you haven’t had a very active day, try working out while you’re watching TV. Do standing squats, lunges, crunches, curls, etc. Anything that will still allow you to watch your show, but also move your body.

Walk to Get Lunch

If you’re going out to grab lunch, walk, don’t drive! And if you were planning on ordering delivery, take your lunch break to walk there, pick it up and eat in a park or somewhere different than your desk. You’ll get the extra movement as well as the added benefit of changing your scenery!

Switch to a Standing Desk

It’s proven that exercise helps to stimulate your brain, so when we’re sitting all day in the same position, our brains are bound to get a little sleepy. A standing desk promotes more movement and makes it easier to take breaks and go for a quick walk around the office.

Move Every Hour

Make it a goal to get a certain number of steps each hour. My fitness tracer (FitBit) buzzes me with 10 minutes left in the hour if I haven’t hit 250 steps. It’s a nice reminder that I’ve been sitting for way too long. After I get up and walk around a bit, I always feel re-energized and re-focused!

Park at the Back of the Lot

If you drive to work, or to the grocery or anywhere for that matter, opt for a parking spot towards the back of the parking lot. It’s such a simple way to get in a few more steps while you walk to and from the store.

Pace While Talking on the Phone

So often, I call a friend and then plop down in my favorite chair. But, other times, I’ll walk around the house, fold laundry, tidy up—do anything to keep myself busy. It’s a great time to multi-task and finish up another mindless task and get in a little bit more movement.


Not only does getting outside do so much for our mental health, gardening is actually hard work. Planting a garden will give you a great mini workout, and tending to a garden will also give extra activity. Bonus points because being in nature is also really stress-relieving.

Clean (& Reorganize) your Kitchen & Pantry

With kids, our kitchen is constantly getting used and there’s pretty much always some dishes that can be cleaned. If your kitchen isn’t dirty, take some time to clean out your pantry for a little extra movement.

Walk to the Grocery

If your neighborhood grocery store is within walking distance, walk there! Bring reusable bags because they’re stronger than the paper ones and easier to carry home. The added weight will give you a little bit of a challenge as well. It also forces you to buy no more than what you can carry, so you won’t spend as much or buy things you don’t really need.

Join an Intramural Team

Sign up to play kickball, dodgeball, basketball, tennis, volleyball—whatever sport you enjoy that’s offered in your area. It’s not only a great way to be active, it’s also a wonderful social event as well. You’ll meet new friends and have a fun activity to look forward to each week.

Stretch Every Night

Before you go to bed each night, take a few quick minutes to stretch. It relaxes you, preps you for bed and soothes those muscles you worked all day. It’s like saying “thank you” to your body for getting you through the day!

Staying active doesn’t have to be really challenging! It’s as simple as making the most of your situation because I know we don’t all have a lot of time and finding ways to squeeze it in where you can.

Staying active is just one element of living a healthy lifestyle. The other big one (probably more important) is eating well. We know how hard that can be when you have a busy lifestyle, job, kids, etc. which is exactly why we created Easy Weekly Recipes!

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